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Hypertension is a pathology that is characterized by a persistent increase in blood pressure. With sudden changes in blood pressure increases the likelihood of hypertensive crisis, stroke and heart attack.

Symptoms of the disease at an early stage

Attacks of hypertension are often accompanied by dizziness. Discomfort increases with increased physical activity, emotional stress.

Hypertension is often characterized by the following symptoms:

Causes of the Disease

The probability of the disease increases under the influence of the following factors:

The Use of Drugs

In the treatment of hypertension is actively used diuretics. Such drugs help to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

Diet with High Blood Pressure

In the presence of hypertension, it is necessary to sharply limit the amount of salt in the diet. It is able to retain fluid in the body.

The patient is advised to follow the recommendations listed below:

Effects of Hypertension

With a sharp increase in blood pressure, a hypertensive crisis often occurs.

In this case, the patient complains of the following adverse symptoms:

Pay attention! In the presence of a patient with hypertension can occur and such serious complications as ventricular hypertrophy, rupture of the aortic aneurysm, heart failure.