How to get your blood pressure up fast

How to get your blood pressure up fast

When a person suddenly feels ill and has low blood pressure (BP), it is necessary to think about how to raise it quickly, without waiting for the doctor’s arrival. In order not to be confused in such a situation, you should know the main ways to normalize BP.

The main signs of low BP

People who have to regularly face the problem of how to quickly raise the pressure, are called hypotonics. Such a violation of the cardiovascular system often does not manifest itself in any way until a certain point.

It makes sense to think about the need to check your BP when the following symptoms appear:

  • Irritability, sudden mood swings.
  • High fatigue, lethargy, yawning.
  • Frequent dizziness, memory impairment.
  • Negative reaction to weather changes.
  • Periodic problems with vision, etc.

For most hypotonics, the question of how to raise the pressure faster is most relevant in the morning. If the body can not finally move away from sleep without a cup of strong coffee, you should consult a doctor. Hypotension is often a harbinger of serious diseases, so ignore its signs should not be ignored.

How to quickly raise the pressure

The most effective way to quickly normalize BP is to take tablets Norepinephrine, Nicetamide or Heptamyl, but before using these means you should consult a doctor. Ascorbic acid helps well. Also hypotonic people can be recommended to keep at home a tincture of ginseng, lureberry, lemongrass, peony, eleutherococcus or aralia. Thirty drops of any of these compositions – and the indicators will very soon rise to an acceptable level.

Solve the problem of how to quickly raise the pressure, you can and without resorting to the help of medical means. For example, brew yourself strong coffee or green tea. The second option is preferable, as it gives less strain on the heart.

You can drink a glass of natural pomegranate juice, eat lemon or orange. Normalize BP can also be due to more substantial food – both sweet (chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, honey, dried fruit) and salty (for example, hard cheese).

Not bad in the question of how to raise blood pressure faster, exercise helps. You can, for example, massage the neck and shoulders or strongly rub the muscles of the legs and lumbar region.

Another effective remedy: in a lying or sitting position, put your legs behind your head and keep them so for at least 10 minutes. If you feel comfortable, you can also take a five-minute contrast shower.

In order not to bring the matter to critical situations, you need to start working on normalizing your pressure. The first step in this direction will be a visit to a doctor, who will conduct a thorough examination and give appropriate recommendations.

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