About methods of treatment of hypertension

About methods of treatment of hypertension

Before we go directly to solving the problem of hypertension, let’s touch on the question of what is hypertension, what factors contribute to the development of this disease and what consequences an increase in blood pressure leads to.

Hypertension is a disease characterized by a constant, and in the initial stages – periodic increase in blood pressure. The main mechanisms leading to this disease – consistently high blood pressure-are known.

The first and leading among them is the nervous mechanism. Its initial link is emotions, emotional experiences, accompanied by various reactions in healthy people, including an increase in blood pressure. In a person with hypertension, in response to a minor cause, a strong emotional reaction occurs, and with it a significant increase in blood pressure, which persists longer than in healthy people. The peculiarity of the reaction on the part of the systems that regulate pressure is that as stressful situations recur, arterial hypertension is slowly and for an increasing period of time fixed. The repetition over months and years of life situations that cause arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), leads to the gradual formation of hypertension.

Therefore, the main direction of prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension is the prevention of strong emotional reactions, stress, for which it is necessary to form the correct perception of negative situations, without allowing excessive nervous tension. Of great importance in this regard are the recommendations of a psychological nature, given in a separate chapter of the book. In addition, it is important not only to be able to prevent negative reactions of the body, but also to relieve nervous tension in time, to calm down. For this purpose, the method of special massage is considered, recommendations on herbal medicine (herbal medicine), folk medicine and others, such as animal therapy, are given.

It should be remembered that disturbed sleep, chronic lack of sleep also contribute to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, it is very important to establish sleep (see “Phytotherapy of hypertension”, “Tips of traditional medicine for hypertension”).

In addition to the nervous mechanism, there are other factors that contribute to the development of hypertension.

First of all, you should focus on the problem of excess weight. Unfortunately, this applies to a lot of people over the age of 40. But it is excess weight that leads to the fact that the heart has to work with an increased load, while the minute volume of the heart increases, i.e. the volume of blood ejected by the heart in a minute, therefore, blood pressure also increases. And immediately you need to specify that no treatment will be effective if the problem of excess weight is not solved, in other words, all methods of prevention and treatment of hypertension should be carried out only against the background of reducing excess weight and preventing obesity. Currently, many “miracle” remedies are offered, actively and widely advertised, with the help of which it is supposedly quick and easy to get rid of excess weight. About what harm you can do to your health, succumbing to advertising, a separate conversation. At the same time, it is quite possible to get rid of extra pounds by applying special collections of herbs, as well as choosing the right products. For more information, see “Herbal medicine for hypertension” and “Nutrition Recommendations”.

In addition, a serious factor that aggravates the course of hypertension is atherosclerosis (“slagging”) of blood vessels, i.e. the deposition of atherosclerotic (cholesterol) plaques on their inner walls (it is no accident that doctors always refer patients with hypertension to a biochemical blood test – they are concerned about the level of cholesterol). Atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots (platelet aggregation) reduce the lumen of blood vessels, which automatically increases the pressure. Thus, to solve the problem of hypertension, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue (see “Phytotherapy of hypertension”, “Nutrition recommendations”, as well as”Tips of traditional medicine for hypertension”).

Finally, we should not forget that one of the risk factors for hypertension may be insufficient filtration of the kidneys, i.e. nephropathy. (Note that we are not talking about a serious kidney pathology, in which secondary hypertension occurs, this disease requires monitoring by specialists and treatment.) To solve this problem, tips on herbal medicine and folk medicine, as well as recommendations on nutrition will help.

All of the above applies to risk factors that contribute to the development of hypertension. At the same time, hypertension itself can cause a number of extremely undesirable consequences for the body, which should also be taken into account in the complex treatment of hypertension.

First of all, constantly high blood pressure inevitably leads to disturbances in the heart, in particular, the blood supply to the heart muscle deteriorates, tachycardia (palpitation) occurs, and cardiosclerosis develops. All this should be taken into account in the systematic treatment of hypertension, in particular when compiling collections of medicinal herbs (see below). Also, with high blood pressure, the outflow of blood from the veins of the lower extremities is difficult, as a result of which the veins expand, deform, and this, in turn, often leads to blood clots. As a result of stagnation of blood in the dilated veins, thrombophlebitis occurs – a very dangerous disease, since even a small blood clot (blood clot) can cause a fatal outcome due to blockage of the coronary vessels. In addition, a violation of the venous outflow can lead to very serious complications, such as a trophic ulcer. (To prevent such complications, see “Herbal medicine for hypertension” and “Tips of traditional medicine for hypertension”.)

Often in patients with hypertension, the level of sugar in the blood increases. This fact should also be taken into account in the complex treatment of hypertension, in particular in the preparation of collections of medicinal herbs and the preparation of the necessary diet (see “Phytotherapy for hypertension”, “Nutrition recommendations”).

Finally, it is worth considering another very important point: an increase in blood pressure can cause a brain hemorrhage, and this, as we all know, is either a quick death, or, even worse – a slow death, i.e. stroke, paralysis, etc. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen the walls of blood vessels (for the relevant recommendations, see “Herbal medicine for hypertension”).

And now let’s get acquainted with all of the above methods.

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