Imidazoline Receptor Agonists

Imidazoline Receptor Agonists

How do imidazoline receptor agonists work?

Interact with imidazoline receptors in the Central nervous system, and through them participate in the regulation of the tone of the sympathetic nervous system. There is a decrease in the Pressor (increase in blood PRESSURE) action of the sympathetic system, systolic and diastolic blood PRESSURE, peripheral vascular resistance decreases, while the cardiac output and heart rate do not change significantly.

What are the current imidazoline receptor agonists?

Currently, moxonidine is widely used in medical practice.

How should I take imidazoline receptor agonists?

In most cases, at the beginning of treatment, moxonidine is prescribed 1 time a day, in one session. It is advisable to take in the morning, inside, regardless of food intake, with a sufficient amount of liquid.

What are the advantages of imidazoline receptor agonists?

Moxonidine, an imidazaline receptor agonist, is comparable in effectiveness to antihypertensive drugs of other major groups.

With long-term use, moxonidine reduces left ventricular hypertrophy, eliminates signs of myocardial fibrosis, microarteriopathy, and normalizes capillary blood supply to the myocardium. The drug has a positive effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, reducing tissue resistance to insulin.

What side effects are observed in imidazoline receptor agonists?

Side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, weakness, memory loss, constipation. These symptoms usually gradually decrease during the first weeks of treatment.

When can I not prescribe imidazoline receptor agonists?

Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; sinus node weakness syndrome; severe bradycardia; age up to 18 years (efficacy and safety have not been established).

With caution – in severe chronic renal failure, severe liver failure due to insufficient experience of use, hemodialysis.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

There is no clinical data on the negative impact on the course of pregnancy. However, care should be taken when prescribing moxonidine to pregnant women during lactation.

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