Blood Pressure Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

What kind of research is this?

This is a multiple measurement of blood PRESSURE for a whole day with a special device.

Why is it necessary?

Smad is a very important study that will allow Your doctor not only to document the presence of high blood PRESSURE, but also to judge the “behavior” of hypertension: how the character of A G changes during the day, the pressure decreases at night or increases. It is important to assess the degree and rate of increase in blood PRESSURE in the morning, which finds a clear relationship with the risk of stroke, to identify the reaction of blood PRESSURE to various stimuli (emotional and physical activity).

In some patients at night the pressure is significantly reduced, and this should determine the time of administration and dose of drugs, shifting them to the morning hours, so as not to achieve a sharp drop in blood PRESSURE at night, which is fraught with a violation of blood supply to vital organs and, first of all, the brain and heart muscle. This approach in the treatment of hypertension is called chronotherapy.

In recent European and Russian recommendations, much attention is paid to self-monitoring of blood PRESSURE, that is, measurements of blood PRESSURE by patients at home, and the possibility of recording self-measurements in the patient’s diary. Samouskorenie HELL during the day in the hours prescribed by the attending physician, allows samomoderirovanie pressure, help in the choice of tactics of therapy and in assessing its effectiveness.

What will happen?

You will wear a device resembling a portable audio player, and a cuff on one shoulder. This device You will wear without removing, for a whole day. Every 15-30 minutes the device will automatically measure blood PRESSURE. If necessary, you can further measure the blood PRESSURE yourself by pressing the button on the body of the device. You will be asked to keep a short diary throughout the study, in which you will note the nature of physical and emotional activity in a particular period.

How safe is it?

This is a completely safe study. The only inconvenience is discomfort in the shoulder at the time of injection of air into the cuff. In addition, during the study, you can not take a shower, so as not to spoil the device.

How to prepare for the study?

No special training is required.

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